Brimble Hill Replacement Data Centre Progress Report

Brimble Hill Replacement Data Centre Progress Report

Since planning permission was granted for the replacement data centre at Brimble Hill in early August, the general contractor John Paul Construction has been pressing ahead with work on the 28-acre site which is close to the eastern boundary of Wroughton parish.  The whole site is within Chiseldon parish.

The former Alpha data centre close to the B4005 and adjacent to the new Burderop Park development has now been demolished.  This area will be returned to parkland with increased landscaping.

The other two data centres, built in the 1990s, have also been demolished so that a state-of-the-art data centre, designed to take account of sustainability considerations, can be constructed.

When planning permission was granted, a Construction Traffic Management Plan stipulated that all construction traffic should be routed through Chiseldon.  Nine direction signage boards were erected on existing street furniture from the M4’s junction 15, along the A346 Marlborough road and in New Road and Hodson Road so that HGV drivers delivering to the site keep to the approved haul route for vehicles.  This route was agreed with Swindon Borough Council to ensure no HGVs go through Wroughton.

A number of hauliers have contracts to bring stone to the site and remove demolished material, although a significant proportion of the brick and concrete is remaining on site for use under the new data centre. John Paul Construction has communicated fully and clearly with its supply chain.  Each haulier has been instructed to keep to the above haul route.

In the three months up to the Christmas break there have been 120 HGV deliveries daily.  There were no HGVs going through Wroughton during the period August – October but in early November several HGVs incorrectly came through Wroughton.  Some hauliers were banned from the site and others given written warnings.  John Paul Construction has taken swift action to avoid any recurrence of this behaviour.

HGVs are bringing stone from the Torr Quarry, near Shepton Mallet.  Therefore, the vast majority of them travel along the M4 past Junction 16 and do leave at Junction 15 to be in compliance with the agreed haul routes.  There is no excuse for HGVs drivers to not follow the approved haul route.  Sadly, out of the 120 HGV deliveries each day, a very small percentage of drivers choose to ignore the rules. John Paul Construction has been working with parish councillors to avoid any further incursion of HGVs into Wroughton.  John Paul Construction accepts that Wroughton already has problems with HGVs visiting other sites.

Councillor John Hewer, the chairman of the parish council, and other members have been highly vigilant, and this has resulted in John Paul Construction re-doubling their efforts to stop the data centres HGVs coming through Wroughton.  This involves:

  • Wherever possible, the delivery notes which are handed to drivers at the start of the journey to the data centre, has printed on it in large letters that the deliveries must be via the M4’s Junction 15 and up the hill to Chiseldon.
  • Hauliers have again been “read the Riot Act” about deviating from the agreed haul route and have been told they have been told that they will be banned from the site if their lorries travel through Wroughton.
  • As well as a gateman standing by the entrance gate, a member of John Paul Construction’s staff will be standing further outside the gate towards Wroughton to keep an eye on whether any HGVs destined for the site come up Brimble Hill from Wroughton.

The data centre construction site will be closed from 23 December until 4 January.

John Paul Construction will keep local residents updated on the progress of the work as it continues.