The Parish Council’s allotment site in Moormead Road contains over 157 plots of varying sizes, the most common being approx. 125 sq metres (5 perch).  Annual rent is currently £6.05 per 25 sq metres (1 perch).


In addition to the obvious benefits of growing your own flowers, fruit and vegetables, having an allotment can also provide a sense of achievement and well-being, along with the chance to learn new skills.


It can be great fun for all the family, providing fresh air and exercise. Allotments can also help protect the environment and generate community spirit, offering an opportunity to meet people from all walks of life


Our Tenancy Agreement which is signed by both the tenant and the Council sets out the terms and conditions of tenancy.


The Council also has Allotment Guidelines.  This document provides guidance and more information relating to the allotments and should be read in conjunction with the Tenancy Agreement.


New tenancies are allocated in accordance with our waiting list procedure, details of which can be found in the Allotment Guidelines booklet.


An Annual Plot Holder Meeting is held at the end of September. Click here for notes of the last Annual Plot Holders Meeting.


If you are a resident of Wroughton and are interested in renting an allotment plot or would like more information, please contact us.


The Parish Council provides children’s play and recreation areas across the Parish.  Those currently managed by us can be found at the following locations:


  • Alexandra Park – Play Area
  • Badgers Brook Play Area
  • Belmont Farm Play Area – North Wroughton
  • Boness Road Play Area
  • Beranburh Field Play Area
  • Recreation Ground and Play Area – Maunsell Way
  • BMX track – Maunsell Way
  • Thorney Park Play Area
  • Weir Field – Devizes Road


A map of the locations (which are indicated with smiley faces 🙂) can be viewed here


For more information including photographs, please visit Open Spaces


If you notice a problem or have any questions relating to the recreational facilities maintained by the Parish Council, please get in touch with the Parish Office on 01793 814735 or visit our contact page


The Council are delighted to play host to a number of village teams who use these facilities on a regular basis and priority is given to these teams.  For information on team fixtures and contact details please use the links below.


The Parish Council maintains a number of sports pitch facilities within the Parish that maybe available for hire at the following locations:


  • Weir Field Recreation Ground – Devizes Road
  • North Wroughton Recreation Ground – Swindon Road
  • Maunsell Way Recreation Ground – Maunsell Way


Please note that the Council may choose not to hire facilities if they consider that doing so could have a detrimental effect on the condition of the grounds.


Please contact us for any booking enquiries.

Do you have a question or need some help? Please call us on 01793 814735 or send us a message via out contact form and we will be in contact