Dementia Friends – 30th October at the Ellendune Community Centre

Dementia Friends – 30th October at the Ellendune Community Centre

DEMENTIA FRIENDS – Changing the way the nation thinks, talks and acts about dementia

Let’s make WROUGHTON a Dementia Friendly Place to Live

This year there will be 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and over 21 million people know someone affected by the condition. All too often people with dementia experience loneliness and social exclusion. By mobilising society together we can make sure that people living with dementia are understood, included and feel a part of their communities.

What is the Dementia Friends initiative?

Dementia Friends is a social action movement run by Alzheimer’s Society that aims to give people an understanding of dementia, and the small things we can all do that could make a difference to people living with dementia in our communities.

Dementia Friends and your business

You are one of the many thousands of people in the UK who provide a service. Some of your customers will be people with dementia and many others may go on to develop dementia in the future and want to continue using your business.

Having a basic understanding of what dementia is and some of the small things you can do to help those affected by dementia to live well can make a huge difference to their experience as your customers.

YOU can make a difference –

 My Hope is to have ONE Dementia Friend in each business in Wroughton

Become a Dementia Friend! This is someone who has attended an Information Session and has committed to an action that will make the lives of people living with dementia a little better. Every action counts – from taking a bit more time when serving someone to spreading the word about dementia.

Dementia costs UK business £1.6 billion per year and 89% of employers believe that dementia will become a bigger issue for their organisation and their staff.

As a trained Dementia Friends Champion, I am offering a free one hour Information Session to the businesses in WROUGHTON. It would be great if one member of your staff could attend one of the sessions on the attached leaflet. I understand that you may need to verify my identity and that I am a Dementia Friend Champion for Alzheimer’s Society. You can do this by emailing

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