Highways Update – Wroughton

Highways Update – Wroughton

Ward Cllr Updates on the various Highways works in Wroughton

Swindon Rd, Inverary Rd, Devizes Rd, Perrys Lane junction with Moormead Rd & Swindon Rd

Swindon Road

The footway reconstruction (pavement) is anticipated to finish next Wednesday, 3 days earlier than first thought which is good news. Works are progressing really well and they have not come across any issues or surprises whilst excavating. They will be removing the rest of the footway surface tomorrow, and as long as this goes to plan, works will be complete on Wednesday next week.

Inverary Road

Works are progressing well and on time to finish next week. SBC can’t confirm a day as the operatives have come across a couple of issues with the concrete base the road sits on. But they have stressed that it won’t delay the works, it will just mean they won’t finish earlier than anticipated, but they will finish on time.

Inverary Road

The Thames Water works have been challenging for them due to the BT inspection chamber that was sat directly on top of their mains pipe. Thames Water have had to divert the mains pipe around the BT chamber as well as other utility assets in the ground. SBC met with the reinstatement manager to agree a reinstatement, they’re looking at programming this in for next week to complete and open the road again fully.

Sixties Bridge, Devizes Road

The water proofing works have progressed really well and will finish on time. The bridge was in a really good condition and the water proof protection on the concrete was almost as new as the day they did it some 50 years ago. Despite this, the contractor has renewed the waterproofing with a better graded product and have now reinstated the sub base material. The resurfacing of the base tarmac and then the surface finishing tarmac is to start tomorrow and as long as no issues are experienced, works will be complete by the end of this week and the Road fully open to all highway users again.

Perrys lane junction with Moormead Road

SBC advise that Instalcom have still got to set up their 3 way temporary signals at the junction to complete the connection that is already installed in Moormead Road. SBC will be bringing this forward to Thursday next week to make sure the works complete on time before the schools start. SBC has told Instalcom that if they cannot complete by the time schools open for the new school term, they will have to come back to complete the work in the October half term.

SBC is very grateful to everyone for your patience and understanding whilst these works are progressing. Councillors Brian Ford, David Martyn & I have thanked SBC for arranging that these works all take place before the schools go back to minimise the disruption as much as possible.

If you have any concerns, please email one of us, contact details below:

Councillor Cathy Martyn

Cllr Brian Ford: bford@swindon.gov.uk
Cllr David Martyn: dmartyn@swindon.gov.uk
Cllr Cathy Martyn: cmartyn2@swindon.gov.uk