Information about Current Restrictions within the Parish

Information about Current Restrictions within the Parish

Wroughton Parish Council would like to remind the public of the following information and restrictions within the Parish:

  • The Allotment site is OPEN however access to the site has been RESTRICTED to the two main gates by the track
  • Unacceptable behaviour towards allotment users and members of staff WILL be investigated further and may lead to further ACTION
  • Bonfires are NOT acceptable at this time
  • All play parks are CLOSED and currently NOT inspected
  • The BMX Track is CLOSED and currently NOT inspected
  • Grass cutting will be ACTIVE
  • Bin emptying will be ACTIVE
  • Daily exercise and walks for the public are ALLOWED
  • Social distancing MUST be practiced
  • Group gatherings are NOT acceptable
  • Unnecessary travel is NOT acceptable

The Parish Council Grounds Team are continuing to work in very difficult circumstances, their work is important to all members of the Community and evidence shows that if grass is not cut and bins are not emptied this will lead to further long term problems. Whilst the Team are working the Parish Council would like remind members of the public that social distancing should be implemented at all times and that they should NOT be approaching the Team at any point.

There will be restricted services from the Grounds Team during the current lock down phase, they are working reduced hours to avoid the public and grass blowing / strimming may be missed due to personal safety requirements. The Parish Council would like the public to understand that our staff welfare comes first and whilst they have the correct PPE and equipment they should still be left alone to work and NOT be approached.

A shout of thanks across the street or a wave hello would be greatly appreciated. Please keep your distance!

Unfortunately if these rules are not met the team will be ignoring the public and walking away, they are not being rude, they are simply being “SAFE”.

The Parish Council members in consultation with the staff are constantly reviewing the Grounds Team working conditions and if the public continue to act inappropriately then their services to the Community will have to cease until further notice.

All rules and restrictions are in place as advised by the Government, these rules are there to keep the public / staff safe and well. The public should be working with their Community to help support these measures, please remember that at some point in the future services will return to normal.

Thank you for your co-operation, if you have any further questions please contact