Maunsell Way Car Park – Temporary Containers

Maunsell Way Car Park – Temporary Containers

The parish councils grounds team need to find a new workshop building as they have now been served notice by their current landlord, the team need to relocate by the end of January 2022.

The council have agreed to temporarily move the team into the Maunsell Way Pavilion, whilst this will not be ideal for all user groups this location is the most sensible due to its central position in the village. The move to this location will be the most cost effective option whilst a more permanent solution is sourced.

Changes are imminent and user groups have already been consulted with and nearby residents will be informed via a leaflet drop next week.

There will be up to four large shipping containers in the car park area for temporary storage however the position of the containers will still allow for some parking in the main car park and provide a turning space.

The parish council would like to stress that this move is only a temporary measure and due to the short notice delivered this has been decided as the most practical option.

Further information will follow in due course but for now the parish council thank you for your cooperation and patience whilst the changes take place